Monday, September 22, 2008

Sewing goodness

It has been a busy last week with mum's visit, Mike's birthday, a movie premiere and various other things. Great, but busy.

One of the highlights... mum surprised me with a new sewing machine! I had been talking to her about getting a very basic machine and what I should be looking for. She told us she was going for a walk on Saturday (nothing unusual there), and on her return, said we needed to go pick something up... that something being this:

(by the way, that is not a picture of my actual machine, I just googled for a pic. There's something up with our camera batteries - I think we need new ones)

I'm loving it! I just now have to get back into sewing. I haven't sewn much since home ec days in highschool. Can't wait to use it on layouts, too.


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